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Product Registration

The complications that a product can cause if registered wrongly

We have been constantly informing you about the importance of having your product properly approved in accordance with regulatory agencies, as it is through these regulations that you can offer more security to your customers and get your product recognized, and being marketed without any trouble.

It is better for your company to offer a product that is regulated by the state and offer guarantee for your customers. So that the customers can be sure that the product is in accordance with the standards required for consumption, whatever it may be.

But have you ever wondered what could happen if you try to make this regulation on your own and it ends up going wrong? It might not be such a frequent asked question, but it is a problem that can cause you a lot of damage, since all processes are very bureaucratic.

Thinking about this, we have brought to you all information about the losses that a wrong regulated product can cause.

Process on deman

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One of the problems that you may encounter if you regulate your product in the wrong way is that your process is in demand, that is, you have 120 days to do the service. After that, it enters a queue to analysis again.

Basically, you will be wasting a lot of time with all the waiting as well as the new analysis, leaving the process even longer and stopping the progress of your product that could already be entering the list of approved products.

So, don’t waste time, after all, the more time you save in this whole process, the better it will be for you, your product and your company.

A new framework in the agency.

The time lost is not the only problem you may face in this case, the need for a new framework with the regulatory agency will also be a necessary headache to leave everything compliant.

This new framework brought together some new requirements for documents and even new fees, leaving the process more bureaucratic and expensive for your pocket, a problem that nobody wants to have at that time, after all, nobody wants to pay the same service twice.

Process dismissed

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Another problem and, perhaps the biggest one is that the process could be rejected, causing even more headaches for you, as it would mean that your product is at odds with the resolution and that you would need to do the whole process again, causing to lose values invested so far in the process.

Just imagine the loss of investing in the regulation of your product if in the end it was all in vain, losing a lot of money and time. This is really a problem that you don’t want to go through.

With Licempre there is no mistake

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To help you avoid all these problems and regulate your product (notify, certificate or register) with assertiveness and agility, we at Licempre oversee turning this whole process into a

solution for you. Leaving you worriless about the procedures and giving the guarantee of a regulated product without problems and without wasting any time.

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