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Automotive Component Certification – INMETRO

National or imported automotive products can only be marketed in the Brazilian national market after their certification / validation of compliance by an accredited OCP (Product Certification Body) and are properly registered in the INMETRO (National Institute of Metrology and Technology) Orchestra system) which is the Brazilian agency responsible for regulating the product in the national territory.

Compulsory certification for automotive products was created to ensure that they are only marketed nationwide with their compliance and quality attested by an accredited certification body, complemented by recognition of certification validation by INMETRO. This ensures that the product to be used by the consumer meets a high level of quality, meeting the minimum safety and performance requirements determined by INMETRO in accordance with its regulations.

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Componentes Automotivos e Nacionais

What are compulsory certification automotive products?

  • Suspension Components: Suspension dampers;
  • Engine Components: Aluminum Alloy Pistons, Piston Pins, Locking Rings (Piston Rings), Piston Rings and Flat Bearings;
  • Steering Components: Steering Terminals, Axial Terminals, Steering Bars, and Link Bars;
  • Brake Components: Brake Pads and Pads;
  • Other Products: Electric fuel pumps for otto cycle engines, horns used in self-propelled road vehicles, automotive lamps, automotive batteries, automotive tires, automotive wheels, brake fluid and automotive glass;


The National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology – INMETRO is the Brazilian regulatory agency responsible for ensuring the quality, safety and reliability of products, in accordance with local regulations.

Quais são os produtos automotivos de certificação compulsória

How is INMETRO certification performed for automotive components?

The certification for automotive products in Brazil is performed according to the requirements of the Ordinances: INMETRO number 301, of July 21, 2011 (automotive components), number 445, of November 19, 2010 (automotive wheels), number 544, 25 October 2012 (automotive tires), number 78, of 3 February 2011 (brake fluid), number 41, of 19 January 2018 (automotive glass) and is based on the following steps:

Step 1 – Definition of LICEMPRE as legal representative of Certification.
This is the most important step of the certification process. The legal representative is the company responsible for the certification and the product in Brazil, this requirement is mandatory as defined by INMETRO to perform the certification.

Step 2 – Definition of Product Certification Body.
Once the legal representative has been defined, the product certification body shall be chosen and responsible for the certification process. This body must be accredited by INMETRO for the realization of automotive products.

Step 3 – Performing the certification process.
The process is based on the following activities: auditing at the manufacturer company, audit at the legal representative company, selection of test samples, definition of the test laboratory and performance of the tests defined by INMETRO. After these activities, a certificate of compliance will be issued by the certification body to the legal representative for issuing registration in the INMETRO Orchestra system.

Step 4 – Issuance of the INMETRO Registry.
With the certificate in hand, the legal representative will make the registration request of the product to INMETRO and after its issuance the product will be released to be imported and marketed in Brazil.


How does Licempre help your company?

Seeking to reduce costs, many business owners try to do the entire process on their own generating many problems and discomfort. With this in mind, Licempre is a company that specializes in regulatory affairs and handles the entire process with INMETRO, reducing time and increasing process efficiency. Licempre will advise your company at the time of product certification, which is valid by law for 4 years.

For the national company Licempre will assist you in the certification of the company and the products with INMETRO. After the approval of the products, we guide you in the registration of all information within the INMETRO Orchestra system and we will accompany you until the approval of the registration, thus avoiding possible errors and problems in identifying the manufactured parts.

In the case of the international company, Licempre offers the Legal Representation (LR) service in Brazil. The company is already licensed and approved by the agency to receive product registrations from manufacturers wishing to market their products in Brazil and does not want to have its headquarters here, thus saving time and money throughout the process.


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