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We are a specialized company, with over 10 years of experience in regulatory affairs, responsible for the entire process with INMETRO.
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Legal representation is a serious matter, count on our experience

Provision of Representation Service – LR in Brazil.

Licempre furnishes the Legal Representation service for spare parts manufacturers settled out in other countries, facilitating the sale of products in Brazil without the manufacturer having to be present, reducing time and increasing the efficiency of the process, providing time-saving and money to our customers throughout the process.

Agilidade na Hospedagem do Produto

Our Work

  • We follow all the stages of the certification made by OCP;
  • We register the companies and the products in Inmetro's Orquestra system;
  • We perform product maintenance and registration renewal;
  • We monitor the complaints pointed out by clients to importers and distributors;
  • We monitor corrective and preventive actions in case of non-compliance;
  • We also monitor the actions in case of replacements and Recalls.

Principais Main Automotive Components we Represent

  • Traffic Components: Automotive tires and wheels;
  • Suspension Components: Suspension dampers;
  • Engine Components: Aluminum alloy pistons, piston pins, locking rings (retaining), piston rings and flat bearings;
  • Steering Components: Steering lugs, axial lugs, steering rods and connecting rods;
  • Brake Components: Brake pads and linings;
  • Other Products: Electric fuel pumps for otto cycle engines, horns, lamps, batteries, fluid of brake and windows.
peças componentes automotivos
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Over the years, we have earned the trust of our customers, registering more than 4 thousand products with INMETRO, a testament to our commitment to quality and compliance.
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