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What is Product Registration Hosting?

It is the way for the exporter who resides outside Brazil to be able to register their products in the name of the representative company more quickly, at a much lower cost. Thus, the product can be marketed with less time.

Are you already familiar with the Product Registration Hosting process and want to contact Licempre?

Hospedagem de registros de produtos
Processos de Importação
Hospedagem de registros de produtos

How is Product Registration Hosting done?

After the agreement between the exporting manufacturer or the company holding the registration and the representative in Brazil, all mandatory documentation is sent, the preparation and assembly of the agency’s process, protocol and analysis, and after approval by ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency) or Inmetro, the product may be imported for legal sale.

How Licempre can help your business:

The product registration hosting service has come to serve international companies that would like to market their products in Brazil, but does not have time to wait for all necessary regulations with the certifying agencies of Brazil.
The hosting service is the perfect solution for those who need registration quickly, cheaply and securely.

Como a Licempre pode ajudar sua empresa
Hospedagem de registros de produtos
A Licempre é Especialista

Licempre specializes in these services:

  • Cosmetics, toiletries and perfumes;
  • Health products, materials and equipment;
  • In vitro diagnostics;
  • Sanitizing products;
  • Household cleaners;

Advantages of Product Registration Hosting

The Manufacturer or Exporter (International) company wishing to market the products in Brazil has Licempre’s product registration hosting services and regulatory affairs, offering benefits such as greater agility, lower investment and greater commercial capacity to the manufacturer, which can qualify several distributors in Brazil.

Vantagens da Hospedagem de Registro de Produtos
Agilidade na Hospedagem do Produto
Aprovação da Hospedagem
How Does Anvisa Product Registration Hosting Work?
Licempre is a company specializing in regulatory services in Brazil and has a team of specialists who take care of the entire hosting process of product registration at Anvisa, performing the survey and submission of all documentation required by Anvisa, process assembly and analysis of product approval.
How does Inmetro Product Registration Hosting work?
Product Registration Hosting in Inmetro is an excellent option for the fast and secure entry of imported products in Brazil. Licempre takes care of the entire Inmetro-specific product registration hosting process in accordance with all standards established by the agency, conformity assessment, and certification of good manufacturing practices making the process more practical and faster.
What is Conformity Assessment?
Conformity assessment is a way of informing and protecting the consumer regarding health, safety and the environment in order to evaluate products to be fit for sale. With Hosting, the customer has the possibility to Register, Register or Notify their products IMMEDIATELY without the need to comply with all stages of regularization, if you want to open your own company in Brazil.

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