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Registration of pesticides in Brazil

The registration of pesticides in Brazil has been released this type of product faster, thanks to measures taken to reduce bureaucracy since 2015. The result is: a considerable increase in registrations.

Compared to previous years, 2019 was higher in registration of pesticides and it tends to grow.

Licempre is a company specializing in regulatory matters and assists in consulting and advising on the registration of this product category.

Know all about the registration of pesticides in Brazil.

What are pesticides?

Pesticides are substances that can transform the composition of flora or fauna in order to avoid the harmful action of harmful beings.

According to current legislation, pesticides are products and agents of physical, chemical or biological processes. Used in the sectors of production, storage and processing of agricultural products, pastures, protection of forests, native or planted. As well as other ecosystems, urban environments, water and industrial.

Source: Anvisa

Pesticides according to MAPA can be divided into two different categories, agricultural and non-agricultural.

  • Agricultural: products that contain substances to be used exclusively in agricultural production, for example, substances to control diseases and pests.
  • Non-agricultural: products considered non-agricultural are intended to protect ecosystems and native forests. Pesticides that are used in urban and public environments, industrial, formulated products and others granted by the Ministry of the Environment and Anvisa are also considered pesticides.

How is pesticide registration done?


Pesticides and related products can only be handled, produced, imported, or marketed in Brazil after undergoing the approval and certification of the responsible agencies in accordance with the Decree No. 4,074/2002.

The registration of pesticides involves three main agencies, namely MAPA – Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, Anvisa – National Health Surveillance Agency and IBAMA – Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources.

Each agency is responsible for a different matter to be evaluated according to the characteristics of the product as illustrated below.

What are the types of pesticide registration?

According to Anvisa there are several types of pesticide registration. See below:

SPECIAL TEMPORARY REGISTRATION FOR RESEARCH AND EXPERIMENTATION (RET) – the company that wishes to practice activities with pesticides (registrant) must initiate the procedure through the Temporary Special Registration application (RET), designed to assign the right to use a pesticide, component or the like for specific purposes in research and experimentation, for a period of 3 years, renewable for the same period.

TECHNICAL PRODUCT – product obtained directly from raw materials by chemical, physical or biological process, intended to obtain formulated products or pre-mixtures and whose composition contains a defined content of active ingredient and impurities, and may contain stabilizers and related products, such as isomers. Intended exclusively for industrial use.

TECHNICAL PRODUCT BY EQUIVALENCE – technical products from different manufacturers or from different manufacturing processes from the same manufacturer will be considered equivalent if the evaluation of the production process is used. The impurity profile and, if necessary, the evaluation of the toxicological / ecotoxicological profiles, meet the requirements described in Annex X to Decree No. 4074 of 2002.

PRE-MIX – product obtained from a technical product, through chemical, physical or biological processes, intended exclusively for the preparation of formulated products. The registration of pre-mixtures is necessary only for those cases in which the pre-mixture will be transported from one factory unit to another, being unnecessary if it is a stage of the formulation process within the same factory unit.

FORMULATED PRODUCT – is defined by Decree No. 4,074/2002 as the pesticide or the like obtained from a technical or pre-mixed product, through a physical process, or directly from raw materials through physical, chemical or biological processes. Those intended for agricultural use are registered by the Map for commercialization and used in agricultural environments.

BIOLOGICAL PRODUCT – living organism, naturally occurring or obtained by genetic manipulation, introduced into the environment, for the control of a population or biological activities of another living organism considered harmful.

MICROBIOLOGICAL PRODUCT – living organism, naturally occurring or obtained by genetic manipulation, introduced into the environment, for the control of a population or biological activities of another living organism considered harmful.

SEMIOCHEMICAL PRODUCT (Pheromones and Allelochemicals) – are those made up of chemical substances that evoke behavioral or physiological responses in the recipient organisms and that are used for the purpose of detection, monitoring and control of a population or biological activity of living organisms, which can be classified, depending on the action that they provoke, intra or interspecific, such as pheromones and allelochemicals, respectively.

FORMULATED BIOCHEMICAL PRODUCTS (hormones, growth regulators and enzymes) – are those made up of naturally occurring chemicals with a non-toxic mechanism of action, used to control diseases or pests as agents that promote chemical or biological processes, including: hormones, regulators growth and enzymes.

Agricultural production and pesticides in Brazil


Agricultural production in Brazil has undergone several changes, most of which are due to the advancement of technology that aims to control pests and diseases with less application of pesticides.

The effects of pesticides on the environment is still a matter of complex evaluation. Regardless of how the pesticide is applied, it can reach waters and soils due to wind and rainwater, which promote drift and leaching, problems well known to producers, that require attention.

In this way, all pesticides must pass the criteria and evaluation of three national agencies that are responsible for the protection of human health and the environment.

How to register pesticides with Licempre?


Licempre is a company specialized in regulatory matters and takes care of the entire registration process for both company and product.

The registration process is done with experienced professionals who will advise on everything that is necessary regarding the assessment, documentation and certification in the responsible agencies, which makes the process practical and efficient.

Clarify any doubts with our specialists, and register without worrying.