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Product Registration

How to register digital infrared thermometer at Anvisa?

The digital infrared thermometer is a device that measures the temperature of both people and objects through an infrared reader.

The device is being widely used during the COVID 19 Pandemic to test temperature of people, helping to control the pandemic. To ensure the proper functioning of the device, it must be registered with regulatory agencies such as Anvisa and Inmetro, before being marketed and used.

See in this blog post how the digital infrared thermometer is registered with Anvisa.

O que é o termômetro de infravermelho digital e como ele funciona

What is the digital infrared thermometer and how does it work?

As it was already mentioned, the digital infrared thermometer is a device used for temperature measurement. It is a portable and small equipment and an excellent solution for this purpose, considering its efficiency and agility in the process.

The digital infrared thermometer is a practical device composed of an optical system and a detector, where through an infrared light it is able to measure the temperature without touching the surface.

Currently, the digital infrared thermometer is being widely used to measure temperature in the fight against the corona virus, being one of the important reasons where it must be remembered that product registration with Anvisa guarantees the safety of the device to the final consumer.

Regularização da empresa

Regularization of the company

To start the product registration process, it is necessary that the manufacturer or importer has the company registration and all the necessary certifications related to the company. It is only possible to register the digital infrared thermometer when the company has all documents approved by the agencies in order to register.

But if you already have the company and all documents approved, you can start the product registration process. See how it works below.

Como cadastrar termômetro de infravermelho digital

How to register digital infrared thermometer?

The registration of the digital infrared thermometer is made by Anvisa and must follow all the rules established by it.

The digital infrared thermometer is considered a correlate, classified as a health risk II product, that is, it is a product considered by Anvisa as high risk and registration is required for its commercialization.

To register this type of product, it is necessary to carry out and pass tests that will guarantee the effectiveness and safety of the product for the final consumer.

Thus, the interested party must present all information to Anvisa, as well as specific information, composition and instruction manual, components, among others.

Por que contrata ruma assessoria em assuntos regulatórios

Why hire advice on regulatory matters?

Licempre is a company specialized in regulatory matters and takes care of all the bureaucratic processes with Anvisa.

That way you have less concern with the process, saving you more time and more security when registering your company or product.

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