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Product Registration

What is product registration?

Product registration is the activity that adapts the product to the legislation. It is the process done before marketing for the product to be evaluated and become fit for marketing.

Thus, product registration is a mandatory activity in Brazil for all companies that intend to market the products, serving as the obligation to carry out the entire process with the responsible agencies such as ANVISA, MAPA and INMETRO, to receive the concession to market the product.

Why register my product?

Product registration is a way of proving that the product follows all related standards and laws required by the responsible agency and can be marketed.

As this is a mandatory procedure, all companies wishing to market a product must do so. Thus, Licempre takes care of the entire process, surveys all the necessary information and takes it to the responsible agencies.

What is the product registration process like?

The process for product registration begins by gathering all product-related information, such as technical reports, laboratory tests, clinical studies, packaging, instruction manual, labels, and more. After this, the process is elaborated and the petition made with the agency. Then the process protocol is made and finally followed up until its approval.

Approval depends on the product, its features and functions. In this way, Licempre is prepared to answer clearly and honestly in order to guide and achieve the registration success.

What are the organs involved?

Product registration is done at ANVISA, MAPA and INMETRO, varying according to the type of product. The variation occurs according to each product. For example; in the case of registration of a cosmetic, it is made with ANVISA, a fertilizer, is made in MAPA and in the case of registration of a car tire, in INMETRO. Licempre takes care of the entire process with the responsible bodies.

How long does the process take?

The time of registration of a product with the various responsible agency of each product and its respective responsible agency. For example, if the product is related to a health product, the time is around 120 days, if it is a cosmetic on average 30 days, if it is a food on average 6 months.

Finally, it is important to remember that product registration is a mandatory activity. Licempre has specialized professionals in order to serve you with all the necessary support to carry out the process successfully. To learn more visit the Licempre website or contact us for any questions. We are ready to serve you in the best way.