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What is ANATEL?

The National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) is the regulatory agency responsible for approving products used in telecommunications, ensuring that these products meet quality and safety requirements and regulated technical functionality.  

Telecommunication is defined as long-distance communication, transmission, emission or reception of signals, sounds, radio transmission messages, electricity or any other electromagnetic process.

Anatel’s certification and approval guarantee the consumer the use of telecommunications products that respect the quality and safety standards.

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What is product certification at Anatel?

Anatel’s product certification follows the Regulation on Certification and Approval, approved by Resolution No. 242/2000, which establishes that the issuance of the homologation document is a mandatory prerequisite for the commercialization and use of telecommunications products in Brazil.

In accordance with the Certification and Approval Regulation, the consumer must use only products approved by ANATEL.


How is the certification and approval of the product?

In accordance with ANATEL’s standard and regulated procedures, the specific certificate for telecommunications products is issued by an OCD (Designated Certification Body) created by the regulatory agency itself.  

The OCD is the bridge between your company and ANATEL. It conducts the entire ANATEL certification process, called the Telecommunications Product Conformity Assessment, by issuing the Certificate of Conformity at the end of the process.

Only with this certificate issued by the OCD is it possible to obtain the approval of the product, and then make the marketing.

Do I need to certify my product?

Certification is a mandatory step for approval. With the certificate, it is possible to start the homologation process with Anatel, which will allow the commercialization of the product. Almost every product that transmits radio frequency or that is connected to the public telephone network, among others as lithium battery for mobile phones, needs to be approved by ANATEL.


What are the product categories?

Products are divided into categories according to their features and functionality:


Category I: These are mostly products that will be used by end users. Equipment in this category must be retested annually to prove that no change in characteristics has occurred during the production time and therefore to continue in the market.

Category I product examples:

  • Cell phone;
  • Lithium battery for cell phone;
  • Chargers for cell phone;

Category II: These are devices that emit radio signals, such as AM and FM transmitters and receivers. These equipments need reevaluation every two (2) years, where they are checked by documentation if the specifications remain the same as the ones tested, the laboratory tests are not necessary.

Category II product examples:

  • Wifi Network Equipment;
  • Radio Frequency Automation Equipment;
  • Antennas and Transmitters of Radio and Television.

Category III: These are products that comply with national legislation regarding reliability and electromagnetic compatibility. These devices operate internally and do not have direct contact with the end user. This equipment does not need to undergo further testing or reevaluation.

Category III product examples:

  • Fiber Optic Cables;
  • Cable connectors.

The issue of approval of products in ANATEL is complex, involves technical regulation and among other demands. Learn how to certify your product.