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International Product Hosting – Anvisa


Many international manufacturers who need to market their products in Brazil can rely on the International Product Hosting service, also known as Holder Service.

In this post, you will check out all the information about international product hosting.

What is Holder Service – ANVISA International Product Hosting?

The holder service is a strategic legalization service for international products. Thus, it is understood as a hosting service for foreign companies that want to regularize health products with ANVISA.

Thus, foreign companies can market them in accordance with national rules and regulations.

How to regularize a foreign product in Brazil?

The Brazilian market is an excellent gateway for many international companies. Thus, Brazil is a market where foreign companies are interested in marketing their products.

Above all, many foreign companies do not want to worry about opening and maintaining a headquarters in Brazil. In this sense, they only choose to market the products in the country.

Thus, they need to regularize the products with the responsible agencies in the country. This can be done with Holder Service.

The holder service is also known as international product hosting. It is a hosting, where the whole procedure of regulation of the products to be marketed in Brazil is performed.

Therefore, all items of need of the interested party are registered in the name of Licempre. After approval, it can already make his imports for trade in Brazil.

For whom it is intended?

The international hosting of products is aimed at companies wishing to market health products to the responsible agency in Brazil, ANVISA.

Likewise, you will know below the advantages and benefits of this service for foreign companies.

Benefits of Holder Service – International Product Hosting

Holder service or international product hosting brings many benefits to interested companies, such as leasing physical space, hiring employees and reducing initial process costs.

Finally, in addition to reducing costs, which enables greater savings, allows the freedom of choice of distributors and importers and provides greater security.

With Licempre you perform your project with less paperwork and more results.