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Inmetro makes two patent applications internationally protected

According to a statement from Inmetro (National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology), two of its patents, which already had deposits in Brazil, are now also protected abroad. Potential innovations are in the area of telecommunications and biotechnology. The first concerns data transmission and the second concerns a compound to treat leishmaniasis and other fungal diseases. Now, both technologies have international protection. According to Ana Paula Azevedo, Executive Analyst in Metrology and Quality at Inmetro's Technological Innovation Division (Ditec), “Both technologies were evaluated as globally competitive, both by the Ditec team and by a consultancy outside Inmetro, and they present solutions to worldwide problems with great relevance. There is a possibility of interest by Brazilian and foreign licensors and, therefore, international protection is especially recommended in situations like these”.

Given its importance as a relevant agent in the field of Science and a supplier of Quality Infrastructure in Brazil, Inmetro currently has 35 active patent protection applications, 9 of which have already been granted in Brazil and 5 abroad. Taynah Souza, head of the Technological Innovation Division (Ditec), commented: “We are moving to internalize the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) services, which is a differential, since in most cases in the Technological Innovation Centers there is a need to hire third parties to prepare and manage these deposits”.


What is the innovation in telecommunications?

Qual a inovação em telecomunicações?

The first technology, in the telecommunications area, was deposited in Brazil in July 2020 and in the PCT, 1 year later, in July 2021. It refers to a method that aims to build high-performance data transmission systems, with a significant reduction in energy consumption. The system benefits services that demand large volumes of data, such as satellite transmission and broadband, such as 5G and streaming. Researcher Fernando Rodrigues (Dmtic) developed the technology in partnership with PUC in Rio de Janeiro.


In the pharmaceutical industry, what does that compound do?

E na indústria farmacêutica, o que este composto faz?

The other development of great importance brought by Inmetro is a compound for the manufacture of medicines to treat diseases caused by fungi and parasites, such as leishmaniasis and Chagas disease. It is an extremely important result, since developed countries and recognized multinationals in the pharmaceutical sector do not invest in the development of antiparasitic drugs. Still in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, another relevant aspect is the number of serious fungal diseases that is growing, demanding new drugs with greater effectiveness and less toxicity, characteristics that the in vitro compound presented when compared to traditional medicines. Researcher Gonzalo Visbal (Dimav), in partnership with UFRJ and UFJF, developed the technology.

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