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How to register pet products in MAPA?

The Brazilian pet market is one of the largest in the world, with very promising growth prospects for the coming years. Thus, it is necessary to know what the process of registrating pet products in MAPA is.

In this blog post you will understand more about the pet market in Brazil, what is the process of registering pet products in MAPA and what are the product categories for registration.

Source: Instituto Pet Brasil

Brazil represents one of the largest pet markets in the world, encompassing companies, products and services. The pet market in Brazil even in the face of the crisis is on the rise, being considered in 2019 the second largest world market in the sector.

Breeding animals is very common among Brazilians. In addition, there is a growing desire to have a pet at home, mostly as pets.

With large product and service stores, the pet market is growing in the marketing of food, cosmetics, accessories and clothing, veterinary services, adoption NGOs and many other pet activities.

In Brazil, for the manufacture and marketing of pet products is necessary to register with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA).

For this, Licempre performs all consultancy and regulatory advice for the registration process of its product.

What is the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply – MAPA?

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) is responsible for agribusiness-related activities and service-related standards.

Thus, the agency is responsible for the registration of products intended for agribusiness. Regulation is mandatory following all the rules provided.

Products in addition to following the standards must comply with good manufacturing practices. Pet products fit this regulation, such as animal products, cosmetics and veterinary products.

How is the registration of pet products in MAPA?


Firstly, to market pet products you need to register the company with MAPA. After this is done the regularization of the products.

Thus, Licempre advises and consults on regulatory matters for the company’s registration in an agile and practical manner.

After the company license is completed, the pet products are registered in MAPA. Therefore, it is necessary to survey all the information of the product to be registered.

After that is done the analysis of all documentation, assembly of the process and after that the documents are presented to the Ministry of Agriculture.

Licempre analyzes the conference of all product documentation, translation (in the case of imported products) and information of the necessary documents, with the agency. This way, all product information is required. This also includes the technical report in the registration protocol.

In this case, the technical manager can assist in the information that will be required for the process.

The regularization of products is for activities related to marketing, production, storage, import and export.

Pet product registration categories in MAPA.

Pet products to be registered with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Development include pet cosmetics, animal feed and veterinary products, as follows:

Veterinary Products


Veterinarians should also pay attention to the marketing and use of veterinary products in accordance with MAPA standards and requirements. Thus, veterinary products involve chemical or biological substances for prevention or diagnostic purposes.

They may also be related to disease treatment products.

Pet cosmetics


Pet cosmetics are considered veterinary products intended to beautify the animal. All products intended for pet cosmetics must be regularized in MAPA.

Veterinary products exempt from registration


Veterinary products exempt from registration do not need regulation to be manufactured or marketed. This category of products exempt from registration only needs a registration requested by the responsible agency.

Animal Feed Products


Animal feed products involve all types of animal feed products such as feed and snacks.

Animal feed products must follow Normative INSTRUCTION No. 81, DECEMBER 19, 2018 – (Approves the Identity and Quality Technical Regulation and the Procedures for Use in Animal Feed from the Animal and Food Industry Co-Products).

You can see all normative instructions on the Ministry of Agriculture page.

Products containing substances subject to special control need to be regulated in accordance with the responsible agency, as well as attest to quality control.

Finally, we can conclude that to market, manufacture, import or export any product such as feed, supplement, ingredients, food additives must be regulated in MAPA.

Licempre can assist you in regulatory affairs for pet products. Click here and request a personalized assistance.