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Low-impact pesticides to control diseases and pests are new alternatives for farmers.

Published on December 7th, in the  Diário Oficial da União [Federal Official Gazette], Act No. 57 of the Department of Plant Health and Agricultural Inputs of the Secretary for Agricultural Defense, presents the registration of 45 new agricultural pesticides formulated, which will be available to farmers for use. Of these records, 22 of them are low-impact products, 15 of which are approved for use in organic agriculture.


After this publication, the year 2022 totals 112 registered low-impact products. This number is the highest recorded from products with this profile in the same year so far. According to the general coordinator of Agrochemicals and Related Products, André Peralta, “in the year 2022 is our new record for registration of biological control pesticides. This number is expected to increase by the end of the year.


These products are considered low impact because they have biological, microbiological, semiochemical, biochemical, phytochemical and growth regulator active ingredients, with the possibility of authorization for use in several cases in organic agriculture.


New features that will make the daily life of the farmer easier

Novidades que vão facilitar o dia a dia do agricultor


Among the 22 new products registered in the aforementioned Act, rural producers will have interesting alternatives, such as, for example, a garlic and pepper extract to control the purple mite in citrus and the use of the ladybug Cryptolaemus montrouzieri in organic agriculture, to control the pink hibiscus mealybug.


Fungicides are the big news in this segment. One of them is a product based on plant extract of Rheum palmatum to control anthracnose, powdery mildew and alternaria leaf spot in over 50 agricultural crops. Another fungicide is the pioneer registered based on Trichoderma koningiopsis for controlling fusarium leaf spot in all agricultural crops where this fungus occurs.


Another example of an innovative product is a herbicide classified in Category 4 by Anvisa (low toxicity) that will make life easier for garlic and onion producers. The product is based on an active ingredient that had been discontinued from the market, Ioxynil Octanoate. This product return has generated high expectations among producers, especially those in the South Region.


New chemical option approved

Nova opção química é aprovada

Another highlight present in Act No. 57 is the approval of a product formulated based on Afidopyropen, a new substance for controlling sucking insects in cotton, potato, bean, tobacco, watermelon, melon, soybean and tomato crops.


Apart from these novelties, the other products use active ingredients previously registered in Brazil. The registration of generic pesticides is very important to reduce market concentration and to encourage competition, resulting in fairer and more competitive trade, generating lower production costs for the country’s agriculture.


In this sense, all registered products were analyzed and approved by the bodies responsible for health, environment and agriculture, according to scientific criteria and in line with the best international practices. With the gradual replacement of less toxic products for the environment, we will finally be able to produce healthier food and increase the scale of organic products, promoting environmental awareness without ceasing to drive the engine of our economy.