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Less bureaucracy in the integration of consent for import licenses from INMETRO

INMETRO is integrating its license agreement process with Siscomex – Single Portal of the Integrated Foreign Trade System. The objective is to reduce the time and costs of importing products, in order to improve the business environment and foster Brazil’s competitiveness in the international market.

The result of this integration means that all requirements, licenses and authorizations for foreign trade operations will be in a single tool.

Currently, the importer carries out the entire process using several different tools, which makes it more difficult and brings more bureaucracy to the process.

The new and modern tool allows the operator, in the case of products regulated by Inmetro, to initiate only one process and not one more for each operation. With better management, the tool provides more security and optimization of processes.

Still in the pilot project, five products will be able to use this new process, see the list by clicking here.