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Change simplifies the provision of Inmetro’s identification seals

Previously, you had to obtain an approval in advance with Inmetro. Nowadays, though, the printers were authorized to provide the seals. All you need to do is request the file with the safety specifications for the necessary purpose.


These seals’ issuance criteria were changed by Inmetro’s Ordinances 218/2021, 230/2021, 231/2021, and 422/2021, related to Conformity Identification Seals for products such as NGV-storing cylinders and fire extinguishers. From now on, the printers with technical capability that satisfy the minimal requirements established by Inmetro are authorized to provide seals without the obligation of obtaining the Institute’s approval in advance. To exercise this right, the interested printer or printing company must request the file for printing with the specifications through the email selos.dconf@inmetro.gov.br.

This change was made to reduce bureaucracy, simplify, and increase the provision methods of conformity identification seals, aligning the printer with the policy of free competition established by the Economic Freedom Law and making sure it satisfies the safety and trustworthiness requirements, which are the high-security exclusive hologram and the auto-adhesive sticker with weather and accident resistance, like attempts to ripping it off.


The effects of Inmetro’s change

Os efeitos dessa mudança do Inmetro

Consequently, the ordinances include every type of printer in this process, as long as the requirements are established and respected. In other words, those interested in the seal, whether they own companies that provide products and services listed in Inmetro’s ordinances or not, shall search for printers that satisfy every requirement and specification contained in the seal file sent, excluding every activity of Accreditation, Homologation, Authorization, Contract, or Bidding, or any other form of certification with Inmetro.

Meanwhile, representatives of service-rendering economic sectors regulated by Inmetro filed a request with it, which responded by issuing the complementary ordinance 422/2021, which shall come into force from November 1, 2021, and underscores that the sequential use of seals is an important tool for the surveillance work. You can request the seal sequence clicking here


What is the purpose of Inmetro’s Seal after all?

Mas afinal, o que é e pra que serve o Selo Inmetro?

Quality is one of the main characteristics you have in mind while buying a product, regardless of its value or purpose. Nowadays, though, due to the huge amount of counterfeit products on the market, you need to make sure that said product actually satisfies every characteristic indicated on its package and that it will work as promised. That guarantee is provided by the National Institute of Metrology Standardization and Industrial Quality.

Inmetro is the federal body responsible for informing the citizens about details of the several products available on the market. If a product has Inmetro’s seal, it was certified as for its quality and you got confirmation that it was manufactured according to the requirements of a technical standard or regulation, actually satisfying every characteristic indicated on its package. These confirmations are made through tests and measurements of the products. Its main goal is to provide more transparency between the company and the customer, improving the products’ quality and enabling a healthy market competition.

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