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Anvisa presents information from the yearbook about the Brazilian pharmaceutical industry

Prepared by the Executive Secretariat of the Medicines Market Regulation Chamber, the report presents statistics regarding the pharmaceutical industry in 2022, including historical series from 2020 to 2022.

Exploring Pharmaceutical Market Trends

Explorando as Tendências do Mercado Farmacêutico 

The 6th edition of the Statistical Yearbook of the Pharmaceutical Market, published by the Executive Secretariat of the Medicines Market Regulation Chamber (SCMED), represents a valuable source of information on the pharmaceutical industry in Brazil. The report features two groups of data: one dedicated to a detailed analysis of the drug market in 2022 and another that outlines the historical series between 2020 and 2022.

The primary purpose of this yearbook is to provide comprehensive and well-organized statistics on the country’s drug industry. The information has been meticulously compiled from consolidated data up to June 2023, targeting those submitted by CMED-regulated companies. These data include six distinct categories of drugs, including biological, generic, similar, and others.

The publication provides a rich range of information, addressing the evolution of the pharmaceutical market, annual revenue, variety of products sold, peculiarities of medicines, distribution channels, and the most prominent substances. The preparation of the yearbook was based on information from the Medicines Market Monitoring System (Sammed).


Unraveling the numbers of the pharmaceutical market

Desvendando os números do mercado farmacêutico 

The data show that sales of medicines in Brazil totaled R$ 131.2 billion in revenues in 2022, with a reduction of approximately 3% compared to the previous year. In addition, there was a reduction of over 5.8% in the amount of packaging sold. The report indicated the identification of 4,748 products registered and marketed in 2022, with generics and similar products making up 70% of the total units sold.

The highlight was the prescription of new and biological drugs, while similar and generic drugs also reached attractive numbers. The average global price of medicines in 2022 was R$ 22.98, varying according to different categories.

The yearbook also covers details about companies and, a diversity of presentations of active ingredients and drugs. The report emphasizes the leadership of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) among the independent companies that earned the most in 2022.

In short, the Statistical Yearbook of the Pharmaceutical Market provides a broad and detailed view of the pharmaceutical industry scenario in Brazil, enriching the understanding and analysis of this essential sector.


Analysis of the Historical Series 

A thorough analysis of the historical series for the period from 2020 to 2022 provided a unique opportunity to understand in depth the behavior of this market. It is worth noting that this period also encompasses a significant crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic.

When examining this comprehensive time series, it became evident that a resolutely active market was maintained, whose revenue growth materialized with a significant 20.4% increase over this interval. It is worth mentioning that this period also witnessed a 25.8% decline in the volume of packaging sold, leading to a complex dynamic and full of challenges.

Check below for a summary of the general panorama of the pharmaceutical market in 2022.

panorama geral do mercado farmacêutico em 2022

Read the 6th edition of the Statistical Yearbook of the Pharmaceutical Market, with data from 2022 and historical series from 2020 to 2022.